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Sophomore Recruiting Checklist

By Kristopher Hart, 11/08/18, 2:00PM PST


Continue your recruitment checklist with your sophomore year.

Sophomore Year Checklist

The compiled list below was collected from college coaches from around the nation. These coaches represent colleges from DI, DII, DIII and NAIA.

  • Keep emailing college coaches who you might want to play for. In most cases emailing is better than calling because coaches are busy, but if you have something clear-cut you want to discuss with a particular coach, calling is fine too. Remember, if a college coach doesn't pick up, they can not call you back.(Sept. 1 of your junior year is when a coach can call back or initiate contact with you directly.)
  • Acknowledge coaches who reach out to you. Show them that you're organized enough to get back to them promptly.
  • If you are contacted by coaches from schools that you might not be interested in, be polite let them down easy. Be quick, getting back to people in a timely manner is a great habit, whether it's related to school, volleyball or anything else in life.
  • Update your list of colleges you are curious about. While going over your list, ask yourself these three questions:
  1. What type of program do you want to plat at - big, small, everything in-between?
  2. Do you need a scholarship, or would you consider being a walk-on if your dream school doesn't have money for you?
  3. Do you want a chance to play right away or are you good with redshirting and possibly not play until your last two years?
  • Grind hard to better your volleyball skills. Ask your coach for a plan on how you can improve in certain areas of your game.
  • Ask the coaches at your favorite college about where you are on their recruiting list, be assertive too.
  • Continue to be a great teammate by being positive and exuding energy. Don't be a player with negative attitude or have bad body language when your teammates make a mistake. Be up-lifting and be the type of player who bounces right back after mistakes. Coaches value positive attitudes and good body language as much as good skills.
  • Plan to go to more volleyball camps. Start targeting camps at schools where you may want to play. This is a great way to show coaches how serious you are about their program and it helps you get a better feel for the program. If cost is an issue, you don't automatically have to go to the entire camp. If it says 4-day camp, consider going for 2 of the days, especially if you have others to attend. This makes things more affordable.

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